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I am stating that I fully understand the Qualifications and Guidelines as they apply to a referral and that any show that does not meet all the criteria will not count towards my Rainbow Reinbursement Program.

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Happy Customers

"I love my new clean air system. I run it 24/7 in my home as a humidifier & air purifier. The air flow in my clean air system is amazing. My carpets feel brand new after each cleaning. It replaces so many cleaning tools in my house."
Alli Neuleib
Happy Rainbow Customer
"This is amazing. I love a clean household, especially with 4 kids and a dog. The rainbow does so many things and it is sooo easy to use. Not to mention cleans the air while I vacuum. I highly recommend the rainbow to anyone who wants a quality clean house!"
Celeste Schultz
Happy Rainbow Customer
"We love our rainbow! Our house smells so fresh and I know my babies have the cleanest environment. My favorite part is the rider opportunity! Sharing the rainbow with my friends and family, and being able to recover our investment! Our area dealers are so awesome, knowledgeable and flexible!"
Crissy Mortenson
Happy Rainbow Customer
"I love how my rainbow gets all the dog hair from my home."
Nicole Schleske
Happy Rainbow Customer